Awesome things

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My list of awesome things: tv, football, wrestling, working out, Netflix, sleeping, biking, driving, guitar, YouTube, lemonade

The two sports I do are awesome because they help me stay in shape while being dedicated to them. I don’t miss practice so that teaches me to have good attendance. It’s really fun and I enjoy it everyday. Well mot of the time if the running isn’t terrible.

My bucket list: Go out of the country, skydive, meet a celebrity, run a marathon, complete a food challenge at a food place, drive a 69 fastback, sleep for 15 hrs straight, doing something for the community, creating something, create a club

Being authentic means to be different and not copy what others do. Authentic is you being you and everyone can be authentic if they try. Authentic things could be blogs, videos, foods, your personality too. If you are authentic then you are being yourself.


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