This one specific quote from Ulysses, by Alfred Lord Tennyson stands out to me in a very broad way. When he says, “Death closes all”, he is saying that death is a given, no one will live forever. You will become old and eventually die. That’s just life. He is being honest and upfront. Then he talks about how man may not work to the best of their ability but strove with gods. This quote stuck out for me because it explains a lot in the short three lines of the piece. Tennyson is writing about Odysseus from the story The Odyssey and how he has traveled so much and not that he is home he wants to go back. He is old now and knows he will die but would rather it be out at sea than stuck at his home. He has seen gods and experienced what no other man has before and is tired of sitting around and wants to go adventure once again.


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