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Fox Cities man giving the gift of education to African children

So many people around the world see others struggling and do nothing about it. The few that do help make great change toward helping others out of bad times or essentially saving their lives. This happens all around the world, in different countries. Someone like Egide Nimubona wanted to make change in his home country of Burundi. He wanted to take his own time and money to help give an education to the children there. Egide saw how bad the place was when he came back and remembered from when he lived there how bad it was. He did not want those children to go through that so decided to make a change. I believe we all can learn from him in the sense that we all have to do a part in society to make a positive impact. That doesn’t mean we necessarily need to go to africa or a foreign country to help but we do need to try to help in out communities or even cities. The best part is that he enjoys teaches those kids. It is important to be a good person and I knowwill learn and try to make a change in my community.

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