High School or Dump?



Leigh High School is home to 1,665 students, pretty popular in the community if you’d ask me. Personally, I have been here four years and I am going to graduate in the next month. One thing I have noticed in my many years here is the student to teacher ratio. 22.5/1 to be exact. This means their are way more students than staff and teachers. So what are some of the things that are wrong with Leigh?

The teachers at our school are paid to teach, nothing more and nothing less. Some spend countless hours planning and prepping to make the class more education. Others come unprepared or don’t know how to teach up to the standards of a high school teacher. That seems to be the case at Leigh. There seems to be a rising number of teachers that the students dislike. Having had some of those teachers I would have to agree. They can be nice people but as a teacher their job should come first. Leigh isn’t all bad, we have teachers that actually will imprint ideas and philosophies in our head that we can use later in our life. Those are the teachers they should keep. Not the older ones on 10 year or the new ones there just to fill in a class because there is no teacher. We as students need honest, hardworking, educated teachers.

Other than the teaching problems, Leigh isn’t spending the money they get efficiently. Leigh paid an outrageous amount on their theater, over 1 million dollars. Only a small percentage of students that enroll here are part of the theater/drama program. The theater benefits them but it’s limited to only that. The district should focus on making the campus nicer as well as the buildings teaching core subjects like math, science, english and history. Looks aren’t everything to a school. What is important is the education, but wouldn’t a nicer school attract more students?

Another issue is the student store. It’s in between the cafeteria and library in a tiny room. When you’re buying tickets for a dance you have to wait all of lunch just to purchase your ticket. It definitely shouldn’t be like that and I believe with a bigger student store that Leigh would get more people buying tickets and other Leigh sponsored items, raising profits.

One thing I do like is the weight room. A couple years back they had old used equipment we were forced to use because that was all that was available. A year ago they purchased all new weights and equipment and i’ll tell you that was one of the best decisions they could have made. A large percentage of athletes train in there–and sure it’s partly biased because I played sports here–but I can relate to all the athletes that workout in there. Leigh does have a great athletic program because the coaches instruct the students to succeed and grow as an athlete and person. They teach life lessons and that hard work can always pay off.

They are also apparently fixing our field. They will get new turf and our Leigh longhorn logo at either side of the new field. Even though I will be graduated I think this will attract more students to play sports or be around the track. I believe future students will love the new field and it will have a newer more modern image on leigh’s status.

Leigh high school has many flaws–and terrible budgeting–but it’s still our high school and we attend it. This would benefit the underclassmen and kids that are going to attend here in the future. I know eventually they will fix what they need to so the school can be better. I just hope they catch on sooner than later, to make Leigh the school I know it can be.


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