High School or Dump?



Leigh High School is home to 1,665 students, pretty popular in the community if you’d ask me. Personally, I have been here four years and I am going to graduate in the next month. One thing I have noticed in my many years here is the student to teacher ratio. 22.5/1 to be exact. This means their are way more students than staff and teachers. So what are some of the things that are wrong with Leigh?

The teachers at our school are paid to teach, nothing more and nothing less. Some spend countless hours planning and prepping to make the class more education. Others come unprepared or don’t know how to teach up to the standards of a high school teacher. That seems to be the case at Leigh. There seems to be a rising number of teachers that the students dislike. Having had some of those teachers I would have to agree. They can be nice people but as a teacher their job should come first. Leigh isn’t all bad, we have teachers that actually will imprint ideas and philosophies in our head that we can use later in our life. Those are the teachers they should keep. Not the older ones on 10 year or the new ones there just to fill in a class because there is no teacher. We as students need honest, hardworking, educated teachers.

Other than the teaching problems, Leigh isn’t spending the money they get efficiently. Leigh paid an outrageous amount on their theater, over 1 million dollars. Only a small percentage of students that enroll here are part of the theater/drama program. The theater benefits them but it’s limited to only that. The district should focus on making the campus nicer as well as the buildings teaching core subjects like math, science, english and history. Looks aren’t everything to a school. What is important is the education, but wouldn’t a nicer school attract more students?

Another issue is the student store. It’s in between the cafeteria and library in a tiny room. When you’re buying tickets for a dance you have to wait all of lunch just to purchase your ticket. It definitely shouldn’t be like that and I believe with a bigger student store that Leigh would get more people buying tickets and other Leigh sponsored items, raising profits.

One thing I do like is the weight room. A couple years back they had old used equipment we were forced to use because that was all that was available. A year ago they purchased all new weights and equipment and i’ll tell you that was one of the best decisions they could have made. A large percentage of athletes train in there–and sure it’s partly biased because I played sports here–but I can relate to all the athletes that workout in there. Leigh does have a great athletic program because the coaches instruct the students to succeed and grow as an athlete and person. They teach life lessons and that hard work can always pay off.

They are also apparently fixing our field. They will get new turf and our Leigh longhorn logo at either side of the new field. Even though I will be graduated I think this will attract more students to play sports or be around the track. I believe future students will love the new field and it will have a newer more modern image on leigh’s status.

Leigh high school has many flaws–and terrible budgeting–but it’s still our high school and we attend it. This would benefit the underclassmen and kids that are going to attend here in the future. I know eventually they will fix what they need to so the school can be better. I just hope they catch on sooner than later, to make Leigh the school I know it can be.


March 24 Deliverables

This is the last post of yoga poses. Spencer and I have both learned 25 yoga poses in total and are ready to teach. These last 5 are the most challenging poses out there and will test the knowledge of the people in out class.

Eka Hasta Vrksasana – One Handed Tree Pose

Eka Hasta Vrksasana - One Handed Tree Pose

As if balancing upside down on two hands isn’t tricky enough, some yogis do it on one! This pose is part of the 5th and 6th series in Ashtanga, and would obviously only be suitable for anyone who can nail the regular handstand. If you can do this one, you have super impressive core strength, mental focus, and strong wrists given your whole body is balancing on one of them! (Yogi: Dylan Werner)

Sirsa Padasana – Head To Foot Pose

Sirsa Padasana - Head To Foot Pose

This pose is one of the most intense backbends out there. There is a lot going on: balance, intense mental focus, and the obvious—a combination of muscular strength in the back and deep flexibility of the spine.

Pungu Mayurasana – Wounded Peacock

Pungu Mayurasana - Wounded Peacock Pose

This pose is essentially Peacock – but using only one arm. Peacock strengthens the wrists, shoulders and arms and helps to improve digestion due to the pressure applied by the arms. The one armed version truly tests mental focus, and in the name of digestive balance should be practiced on both sides! (Yogi: Hannah Franco)

Gandha Bherundasana – Formidable Face Pose

Gandha Bherundasana - Formidable Face Pose

One the most pretzel-esque of all the asanas, and at first glance it looks more contortionist than yoga! The final expression is an intense stretch across the front of the body and as well as a full on flexion of the spine. End result—you can now scratch your nose with your toes. (Yogi: Kino MacGregor)

Sayanasana – Scorpion Pose Variation


Care to stand on your elbows and pull your feet up or towards your head? Boom! Sayanasana (pronounced “Shyanasana”). Not just for shy yoga dudes. (Yogi: Dylan Werner)

Coventry, Anna. “10 Insane Yoga Poses You Wish You Could Strike.” DOYOUYOGA.COM. Skyrocket Group Limited, 11 July 2013. Web. 24 Mar. 2017.

Project Update 4

For our recent goal we need to learn some more yoga poses so we know what to teach anyone who comes what to do. We also need to set up posters. My idea is to draw a picture of Spencer and I doing yoga to intrigue people to sign up. Depending on how many people are there we will have either one or two classes. The beginning class will be the starters. After a couples classes they will move on the the pro class. There is not many positions to learn but out goal is to help as many students as we can. After the posters we will get everyone’s information so we can let them know the times and schedule appointments for the classes. We will take this very seriously because Spencer and I want to make Leigh a less stressful place and a more positive place to go to school.


Humans Of Denmark

How do you feel about Hamlet?

“All I care for is my family legacy. Hamlet will ruin that for my daughter Ophelia. All he will do is break her heart and it would look bad toward me in the end. Hamlet is not responsible nor faithful. I despise him. I do not understand what she sees in him and that frustrates me. I try to tell her to leave him and I keep her from him but somehow they see each other and are “madly” in love. I will not stand for this and will try to keep them apart. It saddens me my daughter is blinded by fake love and I will make her see the truth whether she wants to or not. It is my duty to do so, for the greater good of my daughter, and more so of this family and it’s legacy I have created for it”.

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Sonnet Project

When forty winters shall besiege thy brow,
And dig deep trenches in thy beauty’s field,
Thy youth’s proud livery so gazed on now,
Will be a totter’d weed of small worth held:
Then being asked, where all thy beauty lies,
Where all the treasure of thy lusty days;
To say, within thine own deep sunken eyes,
Were an all-eating shame, and thriftless praise.
How much more praise deserv’d thy beauty’s use,
If thou couldst answer ‘This fair child of mine
Shall sum my count, and make my old excuse,’
Proving his beauty by succession thine!
This were to be new made when thou art old,
And see thy blood warm when thou feel’st it cold.

In Sonnet 2 the plot of the sonnet is the beauty of youth. A woman follows a couple and their baby to explain how beautiful youths can be. Also that children should be praised and taken care of. The sonnet is using phrases like “Thy youth’s proud livery so gazed on now” and “Proving his beauty by succession thine!”. These two lines are describing children in general and how it is a beautiful as anything else in the world. I personally had a hard time figuring out what they meant by this. It was hard to breakdown each line and define all the more complex words in the sonnet. I respect Shakespeare’s sonnets and writings because they were highly advanced for the time and still is hard to understand to this day.

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January 13 Deliverables

Spencer and I will start with 5 simple poses that are beginner level. We will give notes the the students wanting to take our class so they can do them at home if they want to.

Mountain Pose: Stand with your feet together, then relax your shoulders. Keep all your weight evenly on your feet and body. Then take a deep breath and begin to raise both arms over your head. Reach up as far as you can with hands facing each other.

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Downward Dog: Start off with both hands and knees on the floor (hands under shoulders and knees under hips). Then walk your hands forward and put palms on the ground. Begin the push hips toward the ceiling bringing your body into a V shape. Keep your knees slightly bent. Hold for 3 full breaths.

Image result for downward dogWarrior Pose: Stand with both legs spread apart far. Turn your right foot out to 90 degrees and slightly turn your left foot. Put your hands to your hips and extend your arms to the sides palms facing down. Bend your right knee to 90 degrees keeping your knee over your ankle. Stay for 1 minute.


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Tree Pose: Start with your arms at your sides. Shift all your weight to your left foot and put your right foot on the inside thigh of the left leg. Keep hips forward. When you take a deep breath extend your arms over your shoulder, palms facing away. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat on other side.


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Cobra Pose: Lie face down on the floor keeping thumbs under shoulders. Extend top of feet to the floor. Tuck hips downward and squeeze your butt. Press shoulders down away from your ears. Push through your thumbs and index fingers as you begin the raise your chest forward. Relax then repeat.

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Feed a need

Fox Cities man giving the gift of education to African children

So many people around the world see others struggling and do nothing about it. The few that do help make great change toward helping others out of bad times or essentially saving their lives. This happens all around the world, in different countries. Someone like Egide Nimubona wanted to make change in his home country of Burundi. He wanted to take his own time and money to help give an education to the children there. Egide saw how bad the place was when he came back and remembered from when he lived there how bad it was. He did not want those children to go through that so decided to make a change. I believe we all can learn from him in the sense that we all have to do a part in society to make a positive impact. That doesn’t mean we necessarily need to go to africa or a foreign country to help but we do need to try to help in out communities or even cities. The best part is that he enjoys teaches those kids. It is important to be a good person and I knowwill learn and try to make a change in my community.

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I am Caden Lemons, son of Joel

Senior of leigh high school

and captain of the football team

I’ve been around many years

proving and testing my strength

Known around for my 500lbs deadlift

and 280lbs bench

I have been variety wrestling and football almost 4 years straight

I am the strongest of my family

both in mind and body

Generous whenever I’m given the chance

and kind to all



This one specific quote from Ulysses, by Alfred Lord Tennyson stands out to me in a very broad way. When he says, “Death closes all”, he is saying that death is a given, no one will live forever. You will become old and eventually die. That’s just life. He is being honest and upfront. Then he talks about how man may not work to the best of their ability but strove with gods. This quote stuck out for me because it explains a lot in the short three lines of the piece. Tennyson is writing about Odysseus from the story The Odyssey and how he has traveled so much and not that he is home he wants to go back. He is old now and knows he will die but would rather it be out at sea than stuck at his home. He has seen gods and experienced what no other man has before and is tired of sitting around and wants to go adventure once again.

Awesome things

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My list of awesome things: tv, football, wrestling, working out, Netflix, sleeping, biking, driving, guitar, YouTube, lemonade

The two sports I do are awesome because they help me stay in shape while being dedicated to them. I don’t miss practice so that teaches me to have good attendance. It’s really fun and I enjoy it everyday. Well mot of the time if the running isn’t terrible.

My bucket list: Go out of the country, skydive, meet a celebrity, run a marathon, complete a food challenge at a food place, drive a 69 fastback, sleep for 15 hrs straight, doing something for the community, creating something, create a club

Being authentic means to be different and not copy what others do. Authentic is you being you and everyone can be authentic if they try. Authentic things could be blogs, videos, foods, your personality too. If you are authentic then you are being yourself.